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Animed's Pure Hemp Oil is a cold pressed hemp oil that has a multitude of benefits including, supporting normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological function. Enhances the physical and mental well being of your pet. Available as a 2oz.


  • cardiovascular function
  • neurological function
  • immune response
  • cognitive function
  • gut health
  • anxiety
  • inflammation

Shake well before use. Start with 1 mL for every 10 lb of body weight, up to 5 mL per 10 lb of body weight daily. If needed or as recommended by your veterinarian. The enclosed dropper has graduations for easy application.

Note: Industrial hemp is an all-natural feed ingredient which has been used by humans and animals for centuries. Dogs, humans, and horses cannot get high from hemp products, but nature's blend of phytocannabinoids, essential fatty acids, B-vitamins (such as niacin), and complete proteins position hemp products to support overall physical and mental well-being. The unique components of hemp provide a cornerstone of nutritional support for your animals.