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Aspirflex gel is indicated for use in dogs for temporary relief of arthritis pain, or inflammation. Aspirflex has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic (fever reducing) and analgesic (pain reducing) properties.

- Very effective in reducing arthritic signs, proven in clinical trials*

- Tested safe for use, even in very old dogs

- Precise dosage - extensive clinical trials to determine aspirin’s most effective dose for pain.

- Contains the most potent OTC drug that dealers are allowed to sell

- Even the most severe arthritic dogs showed improvement within 3 days

- Palatable - all natural liver flavor gel

- Economical alternative to prescription and OTC products

- Easy to administer oral dial-a-dose syringe


Directions: 1/2 cc per 25lbs. body weight as needed, but no more than twice daily. Place on back on tongue.