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Colorful Companions Parrot Blend Parrot Food, 25-lb bag

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  • All seeds are triple washed for healthy purity.
  • Seeds, grains and peanuts are an important source of protein and other nutrients.
  • Extruded pellets are specially formulated with vitamins, minerals and feather-conditioning compounds, complementing the other ingredients to provide a nutritionally complete meal.
  • All components are appropriately sized for parrots.
  • The variety of colors and flavors stimulates appetites and encourages foraging.

If your Polly is feeling peckish, do her a favor by pouring her a dishful of Colorful Companions Parrot Blend Bird Food! Made of delicious seeds, grains and peanuts as well as nutritionally enhanced pellets, it will both delight her palate and help her stay healthy. All the ingredients are formulated to provide complete nutrition and are appropriately sized for parrots. Their variety of colors and textures make them so highly appealing that your fine feathered friend is likely to be singing their praises to anyone who will listen!