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Dairy Manufacturers: 20-20 All Milk (Med.) 25lb

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Formulated with milk proteins. Available as non-medicated, with direct-fed microbials (probiotics), or with approved levels of antibiotics (oxytetracycline or neomycin/oxytetracycline). Substimilk Blue Label 20-20 is the standard. It is a top-quality all-milk milk replacer formulated to meet the needs of calf raisers who strive to grow well-developed, healthy herd replacement calves. Substimilk Blue Label 20-20 is formulated with high-quality milk proteins and stabilized, highly digestible animal fat. 

  • It is fortified with the essential minerals and vitamins at levels which meet or exceed recommendations for calf milk replacers in the National Research Councilu2019s Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle, Seventh Revised Edition, 2001.
  • One-fourth of the zinc, manganese, and copper are in the chelated form.
  • Substimilk Blue Label 20-20 is a complete and balanced milk replacer.