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Healthy Coat: Healthy Coat Show Formula Qt.

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Are you looking to enhance the appearance and vigor of your show stock or simply just supplement to increase overall health? HealthyCoat is the answer!

HealthyCoat Show formula can be supplemented to a wide variety of show, including (but not limited to) cattle, rabbits, pigs and sheep. HealthyCoat Show can be used as a digestive aid to improve performance in and out of the show ring. HealthyCoat Show has been proven to restore a glossy, full coat or to develop better musculature and blended frame lines. Show has also been formulated to aid in repairing skin and coats that have been affected by infections such as ringworm, the most common skin disease in cattle, which is brought on by fungi.

Great as an everyday maintenance supplement, HealthyCoat also serves as a show or sale prep product. To get that show stock looking and feeling their very best for the ring, you can amp up their daily supplemented volume. This will increase coat appearance and quality, as well as work as an all-natural weight builder to fill your animal out.

If you are looking to make money on your stock, don’t miss out on an opportunity to use HealthyCoat as an aid in restoring the beautiful, natural appearance and vigor of your show animals!