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deal for ranchers, herders, and equestrians, our lunge whips are designed to “pop” (break the sound barrier) easily to gain the “ear” of the animal being trained. They can also be used to roll in front of or behind the animal to encourage the pace or speed. Use it to rub along the animal to desensitize it from touch.

Quality & Dependability

The overall finish of our whips allows for ease of use, and the flexibility of the shaft is specifically blueprinted to maximize productivity. All parts are Made in the U.S.A. and are guaranteed for their craftsmanship. All raw materials are specifically designed to weather the elements such as dirt, mud, water, heat and cold.

  • Engineered tapered fiberglass core
  • Double-braided poly covering
  • Light weight & balanced
  • Withstands abnormal temperatures
  • Water-resistant
  • 11" white braided popper
  • 5 lash lengths available
  • 6 shaft lengths available
  • 3 handle choices available
  • 11 colors choices available
Color: BLUE