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Maxi-Lift: Black Small Fence Feeder 3.5QT

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MIGHTY-MAX FENCE FEEDERS: Tough, Portable Plastic Feeders Portable, easy to install, and tough, the MIGHTY-MAX fence feeder is the most versatile livestock feeder on the market. Quickly and securely snaps onto any chain-link or wire fencing. Built with two spring link clips installed on a super tough HDPE feeder, it can take the toughest animal and weather abuse. This is the ideal feeder for show pens, trailers and fenced areas. Keeps feed up off the ground and reduces waste.

  • Made of prime virgin HDPE
  • Thick, heavy duty walls
  • Extended feeder life
  • Stocked / available in ten (10) standard sizes
  • Drilled for and attached with 8mm Spring Link Clips (right)
  • Tough enough to withstand the harshest animal and weather abuse
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