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Muscle-UP™ is the original, most complete, premium fast-absorbing formulation designed to support the overall health and function of the muscular system.

The exclusive and targeted ingredients of Muscle-UP™ support rapid and proper electrolyte balance, fluid levels and normal lactic acid levels in the horses body. Muscle-UP™ is a must for all performance horses that would benefit from: Rapid Muscle Recovery, Normal Lactic Acid Levels, Proper Iconic Balance, Body Fluid Levels and Proper Muscle Contraction. Muscle-UP™ is original and still the most complete, highest quality muscle system available; containing more active ingredients at higher levels.


  • Helps healthy muscle function and metabolism
  • Improves nerve transmission and circulatory system
  • Facilitates oxygen utilization and muscle recovery
  • Supports healthy digestion, proper gut flora and pH