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A clean rinsing shampoo that kills fleas and ticks on contact and leaves pet smelling fresh and clean with a shiny coat.

- Kills fleas and ticks on contact

- Cleans and conditions pet’s coat

- Leaves pet smelling fresh and clean

- Rinses clean leaving no sticky insecticide residue

- Broad species including horses and ferrets



Wet the animal’s coat for 2-3 minutes with warm water. Apply shampoo on head and lather. Then repeat procedure with neck, chest, and middle and hindquarters, finishing legs last and paying special attention to the footpads (between the toes) and underbody areas. Wash the head an ear areas carefully, making sure to keep the shampoo out of the animal’s eyes.

IMPORTANT: fully lather animal and let lather remain on animal for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. For small dogs less than 15 pounds, wrapping the animal in a towel for several minutes to absorb moisture is advised. This also will allow dying fleas and ticks to crawl off animal into towel before drying animal with a towel or blow dryer. See label for complete directions.