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Purina Stress Tub 60LB

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Stree Tub is a free-choice supplement designed for young cattle prior to or after stress and breeding animals. This product is recommended for use in pre-weaning, receiving and hospital pens, as well as to the breeding herd 60 days prior to calving and through the breeding seasons. 

This tub is a highly palatable molasses based supplement that entices cattle to taste. It provides key nutrients needed for fully functioning immune system tso that cattle are fully prepared to face and/or recover from the stresses of weaning and transportation, respond to vaccination programs, start more quickly on feed or return to their home pen more quickly. It also provides key nutrients involved in reproductive performance to positively impact fertility, estrus, as well as semen quality and quantity. 

Feed one tub per 20 head and at least 2 tubs per pen or pasture to ensure adequate intake by younger, more timid animals. Place tubs within 100 feet of where animals congregate. Feed tubs continuously along with adequate amounts of good quality forage and fresh, clean water. Cattle will consume approximately 0.33 to 0.5 pounds of this supplement per head daily. Cows will receive 7 grams of Availa4 and 1/2 oz of Diamond V original XPC per 0.5lb  of tub consumed.   See Purina Stress Tub pdf product specifications for more information on feeding and directions.

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