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Purina Wind and Rain Storm All Season 7.5 Complete Altosid Fly Control Beef Cattle Mineral Feed, 50 lb. Bag

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Provide your cattle the consistent mineral intake and fly control they need to thrive with Purina® Wind and Rain® Storm® All Season 7.5 Complete with Altosid® Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) Beef Cattle Mineral. Containing 7.5% phosphorus, essential macro and micro trace minerals, and supplemental vitamins A, D, and E, this product provides the complete mineral nutrition to address mineral deficiencies inherent in forages-while supporting optimal health, reproduction, and growth. This beef cattle mineral is uniquely formulated with Altosid® IGR to prevent the breeding of adult horn flies in the manure of treated cattle. Protect your mineral investment using our patented Storm® Formula with large particle size ingredients that reduce waste and optimize consumption. Now you can feed your herd while controlling horn flies without weather interruption or water damage. Purina recommends testing your forages and counting your flies to ensure you provide the appropriate mineral and vitamin supplementation to your herd year-round.

  • All Season Balanced Mineral Nutrition- Contains the essential macro and trace minerals at proper levels and ratios to address mineral deficiencies inherent in forages to meet cattle mineral nutritional requirements throughout the year.
  • Vitamin Supplementation - Vitamins A, D and E to support optimal health, reproduction and growth.
  • Consistent Consumption - Consistent mineral intake is critical to supply cattle with the daily nutrition of essential mineral s and vitamins. Our Wind and Rain® Storm® mineral is research-tested to ensure mineral is consumed by cattle at targeted levels, helping assure your herd will get what they need when they need it.
  • Weather Resistant - Purina developed our patented Storm® technology to "resist water, not digestion." Our unique process allows mineral to remain bioavailable and palatable even after it becomes wet. Weather resistance protects your mineral investment by reducing mineral waste, so it can go to work in your herd to help achieve your performance and profitability goals.
  • Complete mineral contains salt; feeding free-choice salt is not required with this mineral
  • Altosid IGR horn fly control prevents the breeding of adult horn flies in the manure of treated cattle
  • 7.5% Phosphorus beef cattle mineral designed to correct mineral deficiencies of the available forage in a highly palatable, weather-resistant, granular form.
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