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SU-PER B-Plex powder 2.5 Lbs

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SU-PER B-Plex powder


Support for More Energy, Increased Stamina, and Improved Focus!


Full spectrum B-Complex vitamins and minerals to help maintain the health of horses.




In addition to the original SU-PER®B-Plex ingredients, we now include Folic Acid and Biotin to complete the full spectrum of B-Complex vitamins! The addition of these ingredients will provide increased support for healthy red blood cells and hoof care, along with the many benefits already provided by the B vitamins in SU-PER®B-Plex!


 B-Complex vitamins serve many purposes nutritionally, especially when it comes to the performance horse.


· Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine) is a great choice for calming the nervous horse and for increasing the appetite.


· Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) plays a role in the utilization of nutrients and formation of tissues, organs, and red blood cells.


· Vitamin B-3 (Niacin) supports normal glandular function and assists in detoxifying the liver.


· Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) works with other B vitamins to utilize nutrients for fuel, and to support the nervous system.


· Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine) helps create neurotransmitters for proper brain function and mood regulation.


· Vitamin B-7 (Biotin) Supports the formation of healthy hooves, skin and coat.


· Vitamin B-9 (Folic Acid) helps to create and maintain new cells in the body and protects DNA.


· Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) is crucial in developing new red blood cells and overall energy production.



 We offer various combinations of B-Complex vitamins in many of our products to help address specific needs. B-Complex vitamins, however, are at their best when they can work with each other - they are dependant on one another in countless functions in the body. Combining all of the B-Complex vitamins together provides multiple benefits to the performance horse, and can improve overall health in all horses.


 SU-PER®B-Plex is a product that combines all of the major B-Complex vitamins together in one supplement.


It is designed to help create more energy, maintain proper metabolism, aid in proper digestion and nutrient absorption, and maintain a calm disposition in stressful environments. These benefits are all crucial to optimum performance.


SU-PER®B-Plex is the choice of many owners and trainers because not only does it give that extra little energy boost leading up to competition, but it also allows the horse to maintain optimal health during a long season and reduces recovery times after competition.


SU-PER®B-Plex also provides additional vitamins and minerals to guard against nutritional deficiencies that are more common during training.


SU-PER®B-Plex is available in a powder for daily feeding, and in a paste for a quick boost right before competition.

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Amount to give:  

For horses in training: Feed 1 ounce daily. For horses at rest and seniors: Feed 1/2 ounce daily, or 1 ounce as needed for energy or stamina needs. For pre-competition: Feed 1 ounce 24 hours prior to event, repeat the morning of event. A one ounce scoop is enclosed.

Number of Servings:  

For 1 Ounce Serving Size: 2.5 Pound - 40 servings; 12.5 Pound - 200 servings



Powder with a Rice Hull base and a Molasses and Apple Flavor.


PER 1 OUNCE: Choline (0.49%) - 140 mg., Magnesium (0.32%) - 90 mg., Zinc (0.19%) - 55 mg., Manganese (0.16%) - 45 mg., Iron (0.10%) - 30 mg., Copper (0.06%) - 19 mg., Vitamin A - 40,000 I.U., Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine) - 1,250 mg., Vitamin E - 625 I.U., Vitamin D - 550 I.U., Vitamin B-3 (Niacin) - 550 mg., Inositol - 200 mg., Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) - 140 mg., Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine) - 75 mg., Vitamin B-5 (D-Calcium Pantothenate) - 75 mg., Vitamin B-7 (Biotin) - 2 mg., Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) - 1.5 mg., Vitamin B-9 (Folic Acid) - 1.5 mg.