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Super Spur Poultry Supplement provides concentrated levels of high quality protein and amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, kelp micronutrients, chelated trace minerals and vitamins.   Expect improvement in endurance, bone development, muscle condition, feather quality, breeding performance, immune system response and more.

Contains patented amino acid chelated trace minerals for optimum absorption.  Optimum trace mineral nutrition maximizes the blood profile, immune system, breeding, fertility and vivid color.

Fortified with prebiotics and probiotics to allow maximum digestive efficiency and stability in the digestive tract.  Helps maintain proper pH in the digestive tract.

Provides a full does of kelp, digestive aids, iron, copper, zinc, selenium and B-Vitamins along with Vitamin A, D, and E.  Extra Vitamin K is added for overall health and improved blood clotting.  Minerals and vitamins are balanced at optimal levels to promote optimal condition and development in all birds.